Intimacy With God

Intimacy is a voluntary unfolding of one another before each other. With out the two voluntarily opening before each other intimacy will not develop. A one sided relationship will ultimately become unhealthy and fail. In order to know what is on the heart you must be intimate continually, in other words, have intimacy.

Intimacy with God is your continual and progressive knowing of each-other


Greg is Intercessory Missionary serving with Mosaic House of Prayer since 2010. As full time staff with Mosaic House of Prayer, he is part of the leadership team for MHOP and the Great Southwest Prayer Center in Katy TX where 24/7 prayer with worship is being established.

Greg has been a Christian since age of 18 and has ministered in varying capacities for over 38 years and full time since 2010. He is an accomplished musician and worship leader, speaker, teacher and graphics art professional. Greg serves on several weekly teams in the prayer center as worship leader and musician as well as teaches and leads at MHOP and in prison and city wide ministry.

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