Loves Embrace – You Are His Favorite

Brother Lawrence wrote the following:

“I consider myself as the most wretched of men, full of sores and corruption and who has committed all sorts of crimes against his King. Moved by a conscious regret I confess to Him all my wickedness, I ask His forgiveness, and I abandon myself into His hands that He may do what He pleases with me. This King, full of mercy and goodness, rather than chastising me, He embraces me with love. He makes me eat at His table, serves me with His own hands and gives me the key to His treasures. He converses and delights Himself with me incessantly, in a thousand and a thousand ways. In so many ways, He treats me as His favorite.”

This can easily run contrary to my default tendency to self degradation which leads down the path to self pity and every other foul self image that would hold me captive. But that is not who I am. The joy of knowing Him who loves me reveals a secret…

I am His favorite.


Greg has been in full time ministry since 2010. A Christian since the age of 18, He and wife Mimi now reside and minister in the Greater Denver Colorado region.

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